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Rusty Robert Netflix Star Robert Sheehan Reveals He Feels ‘Rusty’ After Taking Break From Acting During Pandemic

NETFLIX star Robert Sheehan reveals he feels “rusty” after taking a break from acting during the pandemic.

The Portlaoise native, who is well known for playing the flamboyant Klaus in The Umbrella Academy, admitted that he could use more rehearsal time before heading back to set.

Robert appeared on Ireland AM yesterday
Robert is known for playing Klaus on Netflix series The Umbrella Academy

Robert is set to continue filming for season three of the hit superhero series in January.

He said: “The year’s been strange because it feels like I’m rusty now do you know what I mean?

“In terms of acting, in terms of that outlet of creativity it feels like I’m very very rusty.


“I could do with going back and doing a couple of week’s rehearsals to kind of dust off the cobwebs certainly.”

He revealed that filming for season three resumes at the beginning of 2021.

He said on Ireland AM: “Kind of New Year’s, just after New Year’s.

“Head over, do the quarantine if that’s still imposed over in Canada and then I’m pretty much there until kind of Autumn really.

“It’s a seven month stint so it’s a fairly significant time away.

“A fair whack of time to kind of up sticks but it’s kind of a lovely place to be sequestered to for six, seven months in Toronto.”


The actor is best known for his role as Nathan Young in Misfits and for his time as Darren in Love/Hate.

Robert said he’s still recognised as the Dublin gangland member from the hit crime RTE series.

He said: “It’s lovely, predominantly in Ireland. I was with Sean McGinley, we were walking the road in Dublin and someone went, ‘Oi Charlo!'”

McGinley was known for his part as Charlo Spencer in TV show Family in the 90s.

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