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Rusty Robert Netflix Star Robert Sheehan Reveals He Feels ‘Rusty’ After Taking Break From Acting During Pandemic

NETFLIX star Robert Sheehan reveals he feels “rusty” after taking a break from acting during the pandemic.

The Portlaoise native, who is well known for playing the flamboyant Klaus in The Umbrella Academy, admitted that he could use more rehearsal time before heading back to set.

Robert appeared on Ireland AM yesterday
Robert is known for playing Klaus on Netflix series The Umbrella Academy

Robert is set to continue filming for season three of the hit superhero series in January.

He said: “The year’s been strange because it feels like I’m rusty now do you know what I mean?

“In terms of acting, in terms of that outlet of creativity it feels like I’m very very rusty.


“I could do with going back and doing a couple of week’s rehearsals to kind of dust off the cobwebs certainly.”

He revealed that filming for season three resumes at the beginning of 2021.

He said on Ireland AM: “Kind of New Year’s, just after New Year’s.

“Head over, do the quarantine if that’s still imposed over in Canada and then I’m pretty much there until kind of Autumn really.

“It’s a seven month stint so it’s a fairly significant time away.

“A fair whack of time to kind of up sticks but it’s kind of a lovely place to be sequestered to for six, seven months in Toronto.”


The actor is best known for his role as Nathan Young in Misfits and for his time as Darren in Love/Hate.

Robert said he’s still recognised as the Dublin gangland member from the hit crime RTE series.

He said: “It’s lovely, predominantly in Ireland. I was with Sean McGinley, we were walking the road in Dublin and someone went, ‘Oi Charlo!'”

McGinley was known for his part as Charlo Spencer in TV show Family in the 90s.

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The Umbrella Academy Season 3 Reportedly Starts Filming in Early 2021

The future of The Umbrella Academy has remained somewhat uncertain following the conclusion of Season 2, as a third season has not been officially announced.

Despite the lack of announcements, a Production Weekly report suggests that Season 3 of the series will begin filming on Feb. 1. 2021 and is scheduled to be completed in August 2021. The report states that the entirety of production will take place in Toronto. It should be noted that the release of such details do not confirm that The Umbrella Academy will see a return to screens. As of yet, Netflix has not confirmed the show’s renewal.

Both seasons of the Netflix series have released to widely positive critical reception. The streaming giant reported that the first season was streamed by 45 million viewers within the first month and became Netflix’s third most popular series in 2019.

Season 2 was released in 2020 and saw the Hargreeves children hurled back across the 1960s in the aftermath of the explosive Season 1 finale. While searching for a way back to their own time, the family is forced to defend themselves against Swedish assassins and the Commission, all while trying to prevent major alterations to history by ensuring that the Kennedy assassination occurs. The season ended with the Hargreeves returning to the present, only to find that the world has once again changed and the Umbrella Academy is no more– it has now been replaced by the Sparrow Academy, led by none other than a seemingly resurrected Ben Hargreeves.

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Misfits: Why did Robert Sheehan really leave Misfits?

MISFITS has landed on Netflix UK with its irreverent take on the superhero genre. Many viewers are watching the series but some are wondering: Why did Robert Sheehan really leave Misfits?

E4 series Misfits first launched in 2009 and offered up a teen comedy-drama like no other. The show followed a group of juvenile miscreants doing community service when they were struck by lightning and ended up with superpowers. The Channel 4 show catapulted its relatively unknown cast into the spotlight – but why did actor Robert Sheehan depart as Nathan Young?

Why did Robert Sheehan really leave Misfits?

BAFTA-winning series Misfits saw Sheehan portraying the eccentric and larger-than-life character of Nathan, who provided the much-needed comic relief when things got a little to hairy in the show.

He was a fan-favourite thanks to his hilarious antics which often landed him in trouble.

Sheehan departed Misfits after only two seasons, a move which would later prompt a mass exodus of the rest of the cast in the subsequent series.

To round off Nathan’s story, Channel 4 made a short film in which Nathan was seen living the big life in Las Vegas with his girlfriend Marnie (Gwyneth Keyworth).

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Robert Sheehan Says He Doesn’t Read Online Comments For Fear Of ‘Inflating His Ego’

Robert Sheehan has opened up about the struggle of balancing his romantic relationships with real life, crediting Normal People for showing the struggles young people face.

And the Love/Hate star, who is currently starring in a new short movie, The Bigger Picture, based on a similar topic, tipped it to strike a similar chord with viewers at home.

The synopsis for the new short, produced by Sheehan, 32, reads: “A single moment in time.

“A guy and a girl, recently split up from a long-term relationship get back together for one night.

“But love and loathing form a precarious mix for these young lovers as they navigate the rough terrain of life.”

Commenting on its likeness with Normal People due to the intimate sex scenes and intense dialogue, he said: “I think that’s why it struck a nerve.

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Robert Sheehan On His Raw, Tender New Short Film The Bigger Picture

To coincide with the release of The Bigger Picture, a new short film available to watch for free on YouTube, we sat down with star and producer (and HeyUGuys fan!) Robert Sheehan to chat about his new endeavour.

An avuncular, mesmerising presence in everything he does, Sheehan chats to us about doing something different this time out, capturing a moment in time between a couple and their split all in a single shot. And while the film is only 10 minutes long, Sheehan tells us about how it feels so much longer given the dialogue and way the film is shot and how liberating, and scary, it all was.

He also spoke about his plans to produce a feature film in the next year (COVID depending) as well as his enjoyment of playing Klaus in The Umbrella Academy and the impending Season Three…

A single moment in time. A guy and a girl, recently split up from a long-term relationship get back together for one night. But love and loathing form a precarious mix for these young lovers as they navigate the rough terrain of life.