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ROBERT SHEEHAN VAULT ( is a fansite for actor Robert Sheehan, most known for his work in the television series Misfits, Love/Hate and The Umbrella Academy. He's also starred in many movies, of varied genres, our favorites being The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones and The Road Within. We are not affiliated with Robert himself in any way, we just enjoy keeping up with his projects. Thanks for visiting, we hope you enjoy!

Disappearing Act
A book written by Robert Sheehan

“In his debut collection of short stories, Sheehan disappears into characters, challenging the complacencies of everyday experience, often from entirely unexpected angles. Surreal, intelligent, dark and provocative, the collection presents a multitude of observations that will stay with the reader long after the book is finished.”


During the covid-19 pandemic, Robert created his own podcast, along with actor Tom Hopper and producer Byron Knight, which they called The Earth Locker. He’s also been invited into different podcasts to promote his work and passion projects, so we’ve gathered the videos/audios of the ones we could find into this page.

The Earth Locker
A podcast hosted by Robert, along with Tom Hopper, his co-star from The Umbrella Academy, and producer Byron Knight. In their own words, it is “all about how we as humans learn about ourselves, and ultimately live an optimal and fully regenerative and happy lifestyle. We’ll be unlocking all of Earths secret experts and amazing life stories to the masses so they in turn can learn to be healthier in the future.” All videos listed in this category come from the podcasts’ official Youtube channel: The Earth Locker.

Episode: “Compassionate Entrepreneurship & Moonshots”
Featuring: Naveen Jain
Tags: lockdown haircut, millennial, gut health, modern health willy wonka, easy and convenient health, viome, coming together to eradicate chronic diseases, meditation, dark chocolate
Episode: “Perlman on Toast”
Featuring: Ron Perlman
Tags: original hellboy, american politics and lousy presidents, sxsw festival, moonwalkers, presidents with daddy issues
Episode: “Disobedient Bodies”
Featuring: Emma Dabiri
Tags: stealing underwear, tropical fish chiropractor, the perception of the women body, don’t touch my hair, twisted, losing weight, institutional racism, internalized misogyny, reorganizing society
Episode: “Come On, Get Hapbee”
Featuring: Scott Donnell
Tags: hapbee, magnetic signals, balancing moods, wearable technology
Episode: “Tom’s Wild Dog… wanted to be Hapbee”
Featuring: Scott Donnell
Tags: hapbee, magnetic signals, balancing moods, wearable technology
Episode: “Mind over Matter”
Featuring: Deepak Chopra
Tags: microbiome, body inflammation, meditation, human perception
Episode: “Catching up with Castañeda”
Featuring: David Castañeda
Tags: tony’s chocolate, martial arts training, religion, oscar wilde
Episode: “On the Spectrum with Tom and Laura Hopper”
Featuring: Tom and Laura Hopper
Tags: autism, the effects of gut health on autism, gluten, dairy, sugar, hanging out pantless, superfoods, microbiome, having a support system, using social media to share information
Episode: “Simulation Theory”
Featuring: Frankie Boyle
Tags: king of glasgow, jaws – the internet cafe edition, dark humor, meditation, stage personas
Episode: “Food Politics”
Featuring: Marion Nestle
Tags: alien invasion, food resilience, food sustainability, organic produce, female pope, urban foraging
Episode: “Personality Test”
Tags: personality trais, national stereotypes, ghost stories
Episode: “CAR.O.L Bike”
Featuring: Rahul Bernath
Tags: 40 seconds workout
Episode: “You Are What Your Bacteria Eats”
Featuring: Dr. Momo Vuyisich
Tags: viome, chronic disease
Episode: “Never Alone Initiative: suicide prevention, support and meditation”
Featuring: Gabriella Wright
Tags: trigger warnings, psychological support, meditation, trauma
Episode: “Fashion Revolution”
Featuring: Orsola de Castro
Tags: sustainable fashion, responsible factories, industry transparency, impact on health, merino wool
Episode: “His Royal Henchness”
Featuring: Bobby Maximus
Tags: nutrition, fecal microbiome transplant, physical health, exercising, sleeping, working from home, picking battles, fantasy movies
Episode: “Stem Cells – Sells! With Poems”
Episode: “Hunter & Gather”
Featuring: Amy Moring and Jeff Webster
Tags: coeliac disease, animal based diet, cure and prevention by nutrition, running