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ROBERT SHEEHAN VAULT ( is a fansite for actor Robert Sheehan, most known for his work in the television series Misfits, Love/Hate and The Umbrella Academy. He's also starred in many movies, of varied genres, our favorites being The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones and The Road Within. We are not affiliated with Robert himself in any way, we just enjoy keeping up with his projects. Thanks for visiting, we hope you enjoy!

Disappearing Act
A book written by Robert Sheehan

β€œIn his debut collection of short stories, Sheehan disappears into characters, challenging the complacencies of everyday experience, often from entirely unexpected angles. Surreal, intelligent, dark and provocative, the collection presents a multitude of observations that will stay with the reader long after the book is finished.”

Essentially, a story about Robert Sheehan Vault

The title makes it sound a bit dramatic πŸ˜‚ but we figured we could summarize our journey as fans of Robert’s work, in case anyone is interested in it.

First of all, Robert Sheehan Vault is a blog about Robert’s career and side projects. We spend some time on it every once in a while because we find that updating websites is fun – we enjoy designing it, coding it, thinking of content we could add to it to make it more interesting. It’s a nice, harmless hobby to have, and it also lets us meet people that often like the same things we do (specifically, in this case, movies and TV shows of certain genres).

I (Gabby) ran another fansite for Robert back in 2014, called Robert Sheehan Online, which used the URL (RIP), and Neide would jump in every once in a while to help with content, specially around the release of “The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones”. So the admiration for his work isn’t new, but our availability (and, of course, interest in this particular hobby) isn’t linear, and so that old fansite ended up closing after about 8 years online. Despite both of us being equally busy (older, more responsibilities, etc etc), every time Robert releases anything we go back to thinking “aw, I wish we still had that site”. So here we are again! Old habits die hard.

Naturally, over the years Robert has shed more light on aspects of his personal interests that further cemented him as one of our favorite artists. An important one for us is his support for sustainability projects and his pledge to contribute to the cause. He also has a pet cockatoo, named Shaka, which makes Gabby very jealous. Getting her own cockatoo would be problematic, as her cat would likely not be very welcoming of it, and so she’ll live that experience through Robert instead.

We like to reiterate in every opportunity that we don’t know Robert Sheehan. He’s not affiliated with this fansite in any way, and so any posts, be it on the fansite itself or on the social media pages affiliated with it, reflect our own opinion and beliefs, and not his. We’re also not in contact with anyone that knows him, such as family, friends or management team. We make no profit with this fansite, and we don’t prioritize it over other activities in our lives – as mentioned before, it’s a hobby, and a way for us to demonstrate admiration and affection for this great actor that we don’t actually know, but enjoy keeping up with.

We also don’t post anything related to his private life – first, because we have no idea what’s going on in it, and, second, because it’s not of anyone’s concern but his.